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Modern Progressive Lightweight Node.js Framework with Serverless First

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Halsp is an efficient and flexible progressive nodejs framework.

You can use native NodeJS services or run on serverless, and also support multiple microservice communication.


  1. The source code is entirely composed of TypeScript with complete type definitions
  2. Component based addition function to avoid code redundancy and maintain project speed and efficiency
  3. A comprehensive IOC container that decouples large projects with dependency injection, making it easier to read
  4. Rich scalability, Halsp core uses middleware model, with strong scalability
  5. Route parsing associated with paths, further decoupling various modules, and route compilation can make requests more efficient
  6. Scan the project during the compilation phase, no longer scan modules during the runtime phase, resulting in faster startup speed
  7. Optimize serverless requests to avoid wasting request time on initialization like other frameworks


  • node compatibility



Subsequent tutorials will use TS, and you can use the Babel compiler to use JS